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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Courses offered through H2S Gas Certification San Antonio.
Hydrogen Sulfide is the leading cause of injury and death in the oil and gas industry. It is soluble, flammable and corrosive. H2S is heavier then oxygen so it tends to collect in low lying areas. H2S is typically inhaled, and thus affects the repertory system of the human body. This is a silent killer and unless you are properly trained, you could be at risk, as well as putting your team at risk.
If you want to jump start your career in the Oil and Gas Production Industry, then you need this course! H2S is the silent killer of the oil fields. Everyone who works around an oil site needs to be aware of its dangers, and how to protect yourself as well as your team from the gas. This class will provide the basic familiarity with the nature of Hydrogen Sulfide. You will be trained in the hazards, the safety, and the equipment to deal with H2S. H2S Gas Certification San Antonio offers the course Monday through Thursday for only $75.00! At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion and a pocket card. You will be ready for your next career in the Oil and Gas industry with this certification. H2S Gas Certification San Antonio also offers classes to companies who need an onsite trainer, or someone to conduct recurring training. Please call 210-701-6344 today to reserve your class spot!!!


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